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Fully Recycle

Fire Resistance



Expoquadra 1624 - Cobalt Blue
Reference : Expoquadra 1624 - Cobalt Blue
Expoquadra 1624 - Cobalt Blue
Expoquadra 1624 - Cobalt Blue

Fully Recycle

Specially designed for multiple uses and available with custom made lightweight storage stillages, EXPOQUADRA is the perfect solution for venues and where storage is available on site.

With a durable, non-marking, anti-slip backing and additional dimensional stability, the quality of our EXPOQUADRA is industry leading.
At just 3.2kg/m² they are as much as 50% lighter than other tiles making them ideal for installation by anyone and require no specialist skill.
At 1 x1m wide, speed of installation is excellent.

Able to be cleaned and re-used many times, EXPOQUADRA is a really sustainable solution for venues and with 8 colours available it is possible to create many different layouts and themes from the same stock.
EXPOQUADRA can also be used with TEXWAY for edge to edge installations negating the need to cut the tiles.

Technicals features

Velours needlepunched textile tile
100% polypropylene
White polyolefin
Fire proof
Fire classification Bfl-s1
Self-laying tile

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